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Ms. B is a 94 year-old white female with significant worsening of shortness of breath and edema in August 2013. Her past medical history consists of leukemia, hypertension, coronary disease and heart failure. Her symptom of shortness of breath is so severe that, with limited walking of 10-15 feet, her pulse Ox would drop from 90s to 70-80s. She also had significant amount of peripheral edema with an ulcer developed on the left shin. She was not able to go out to local restaurant, even the diner in her resident complex, 200 feet from her apartment for a lunch and dinner, since extended time of sitting and mild activities would cause her significant discomfort and shortness of breath. The prognosis of the patient was evaluated as extremely poor. The patient and her family were very concerned and hoped to get her through the Holidays of Thanksgiving (her birthday) and Christmas in 2013. 

To accomplish the task, Duxlink assembled a special team of physician, technologist and office coordinator. An on-site visit of clinical evaluation was performed and a series of monitors for weight, blood pressure, pulse Ox and heart rate were installed at the patient residence. In addition, using Duxlink cloud-based Clinical Information Platform, including electronic medical records (EMR), medical imaging review, and live monitoring, the Duxlink established a communication system among our staff, her clinical care providers, the patient and her family members. 

After a series of diagnostic tests performed at the patient home, an individuated treatment plan was implemented. The EMR collecting all her prior medical history, lab results, medications, and presented to her care stake holders; the online imaging system allows medical experts reviewing her diagnostic imaging tests remotely; and the monitoring system sending her live vital signs of weight, blood pressure, pulse Ox and heart rate for clinicians to review and make immediate clinical decisions for frequent adjustment and fine tunings. 

Over 2-3 weeks of live monitoring and on time aggressive medical treatments through Duxlink Clinical Information Platform, she responded quickly with significant losing water, (~14 lbs), decrease shortness of breath, improving lab values and stabilized blood pressure and heart rate.

Note: The red-lines are the normal cutoffs and the black-lines are the date when the new treatment initiated.

Since mid-November 2013, Ms. B has been doing very well, her heart failure resolved with evidence of heart failure index, ProBNP levels dropped from over 6,000 to <1500 (normal cut off =<1,800). Her ulcer was healed and she started enjoying her walking and dining out as before. She was able to go through a big birth day party during Thanksgiving entertaining over 100 family and friends from all of over the US. The happiness of her family is “hard to be expressed”. 

The case demonstrated the success of Duxlink personalized approach, our professional experts, live monitoring and on-time medical treatment, comprehensive Clinical System with medical records, labs and imaging tests, as well as platform for communication with her local care givers and family members. Duxlink strikes our mission on Availability, Accountability and Ability. 

If you cannot tolerate the current long waiting and assembling line/cookie cutter approach of medical care (which will get worse with the ongoing US healthcare), Duxlink can provide you and your family our personalized beyond VIP service.