Duxlink, the Pioneer of the GOT Medicine: Genomic-Office-Telemedicine, Care for your Past-Present-Future Health

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GOT-Medicine: Duxlink’s 3A Service, Above and Beyond VIP Care

“Dux” is Latin for leader. Duxlink is to link the leaders in technology and medicine, leading the cutting edge for better healthcare. Duxlink Healthcare is a specialized service designed for elite executives or discerning clients who have health risks and high personal demands. Based upon our over 10 year experience in personalized, unique telemedicine and imaging services, Duxlink redefined the 3 toughest criteria of VIP care for our selective patients, AvailabilityAccountability and Ability.

  • Availability: Duxlink offers 24/7 live monitoring and care whenever you have a question and wherever you are. If needed, same day or next day appointment can be provided. Our unique IT infrastructure can access any formats of your care data, such as personal health records, EKG, ultrasound, or advanced 4D CT scans, coordinating rapid treatment with your local doctors for the best and immediate care.  
  • Accountability: Duxlink offers proactive and comprehensive care from general (daily care) to specialty care in cardiology (heart attack has been the No. 1 over 100 years) by a team of internists and cardiologists. At our VIP program, each of our physicians serves only 30 elite clients, providing dedicated care and in-depth clinical research on your individual health. Your personalized and comprehensive care can include genetic, biochemical, imaging and clinical assessments as well as state of art treatment or personalized holistic and alternative medicine, tailored to your needs. Our world expert team will work with you to strategically map out a proactive prevention and customized treatment plan.  
  • Ability: Duxlink physicians are trained or currently working at top 10 US hospitals with personal connections to world experts performing variety of surgeries or procedures. Our patent on-site live monitoring and treatment tools will provide you and your family with a peace of mind. Under any cardiac emergencies, you can be stabilized by our patented state-of-the-art equipment immediately and then transferred to nearby or the top hospitals in the fields by private ambulance or private jet service if needed. 

Duxlink, strives the VIP healthcare above and beyond the traditional Concierge service. The Pioneer of GOT Medicine: Genomic testing for your past, Office consultation for your present and Telemedicine for your future in health. 


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