Duxlink: Beyond Personalized Healthcare

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To many patients, there are so many problems with quality and selection of medical supplies, dietary supplements, alternative medicine and even medications.  Can you really trust the source of the purchase online or from an unknown source or service in a store?


For our members, since we know well your medical conditions, our personalized purchasing service will find the best quality from the most reliable sources to fit your needs.

  • Small medical supplies: such as find the CPAP parts, mask, special pillows, humidifier
  • Physical therapy supplies:  rehab products,
  • Alternative medicine: special herb, vitamin or supplements
  • Mobility and ambulation: special knee walker, rollator or wheelchair
  • Medication: special brand, or specific source with the best quality and true genuine products


Please contact us directly so our agents or medical experts can help you to purchase the high quality and genuine products to meet your needs.