Duxlink, the Pioneer of the GOT Medicine: Genomic-Office-Telemedicine, Care for your Past-Present-Future Health

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David A. Shore, the founder of the Harvard School of Public Health's Trust Initiative, brought together an unparalleled collection of healthcare leaders and published a shocking book through Oxford University Press in 2006, Trust Crisis in Healthcare. The book revealed hard to speak topic through alarming facts, from decreasing health outcomes to increasing costs, from organization inefficiencies to a pervasive pattern of litigation, from outdated modes of doctor-patient communication to medical errors.

Many aspects of this crisis have been getting worse when healthcare system facing survival challenges in the world economy recession over the last several years.

“Doing business is not to make money, is to gain trust."

Duxlink Network is a new healthcare entity based on the old philosophy, centered ONLY on patients, a new service PERSONALIZED CARE for their outcomes, not the process and payment. See our patient's testimonials.

“In God we believe, all others must bring data."

Through solid data, standard care, best evidence, cutting-edge technology, Duxlink Network connects our patients from the world, especially in China, to the medical experts from top US medical schools and hospitals. Duxlink provides the best care in diagnosis and treatment with cutting-edge medical technology, imaging processing and data analysis.