Duxlink: Beyond Personalized Healthcare

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1. Challenges:

When you face a significant new diagnosis, or important procedure/surgery decision, are you aware the deviation of the care can be dramatic? Medical literatures have shown that the diagnosis on the percentage of blocked arteries can be different up to 40% on the same catheterization film of the same patient! And the heart surgery complication rate can vary several folds. How to get an independent second opinion from the world class physician with the experience and expertise may have life-time impact on your health.

2. Solutions:

Duxlink physicians are trained or currently working at top 10 institutions in the US. We provide 2nd expert opinions to layout the current standard care, state-of-the art care, pros and cons of the different options to your health condition. Since we don’t have financial relationship with any institutions, our opinion is independent, honest and transparent.

The services include:

  • Urgent Consultations:
    1. Urgent health conditions
    2. Urgent decision making before a significant procedure or surgery 
  • 2nd Opinions 
  1. Significant or series diagnosis 
  2. Complicated decisions or treatment plans 
  3. Review a complicated tests 
  4. Current treatment is not doing well as you anticipated