Duxlink: Beyond Personalized Healthcare

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Cardiovascular related diseases, such as acute heart attack or stroke, have been #1 killer in the world over the last 100 years. The incidence of sudden cardiac death and stroke in high stress executives are extremely high and the rate of the motility has been rising in the last 2 decades.

If you have family history, risk factor of heart attack or stroke, or high stress, we provide targeted and personalized prevention, above and beyond general physical exam that cannot accurately reveal the current status of cardiovascular risks and predict your future events. The Personalized Preventive Plan (3P) is one of our unique features services that our experts created for you based on your own gene biology, family history, individual factors, lab and imaging results as well as treatments in prevention.

We utilized technologies including gene and genomic testing, advanced biochemical and lab analysis, and advanced imaging tests to identify and prevent high risks of heart attack, stroke, cancer etc., and select the best treatment options as well as best mixed of alternative and traditional treatments.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

If you have diagnosed as coronary or cerebral vascular disease, our experts from top medical centers can provide personalized and state-of-art treatment plan for you, specifically for the best of your outcomes. If needed, we can have you visit these world experts in the US with personal guide and translation with trained medical personnel. Effective and genuine quality medications can be delivered to your house.