Duxlink: Beyond Personalized Healthcare

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1. Challenges:

Most patients with advanced heart diseases usually do not get the adequate diagnosis and prevention earlier until the last minute. In the lifetime, genes with strong links to premature cardiovascular diseases from your parents can manifest very early, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, clot development, stroke, heart attack, and even malignant arrhythmias leading to sudden cardiac death. To make the diagnosis in precision of genes and assess the effect of genes on your biochemical, structure and clinical manifestations is the paramount for early and effective prevention. This kind of comprehensive and personalized care is usually not available in community services and even in many academic settings.

2. Solutions:

Duxlink prevention program brings the VIP care to another level. Our experts map your genes and assess the effect of genes on the biochemical changes, structure formation and current status of clinical manifestations, the whole 4 stages of heart disease. Using cutting edge genomic technologies along with other state-of-art techniques and out inventions, we provide whole spectrum of diagnosis, monitoring, proactive preventive and intervention for your whole life.