Duxlink, the Pioneer of the GOT Medicine: Genomic-Office-Telemedicine, Care for your Past-Present-Future Health

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1. Challenges

Eastern medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has fundamental differences from the Western medicine. Western medicine is based on structured disease, such as a blockage or a tumor, which usually can be visualized. The treatment is to the specific target. Eastern medicine is based on functional balance, which usually is not visualized, since many conditions are prior to the structure changes, in the metabolic and functional stage. The treatment is not focal, but whole body balance, to improve functionalities with variety organs or systems.

2. Solutions:

Duxlink VIP Integrative Medicine program offer patients and their referring physicians' recommendations to help integrate appropriate alternative medicine therapies and wellness programs into the patient's overall treatment plan. Recommendations are complement to conventional Western medical care to optimize functional improvement and minimize side effects from medications or chemicals. 

Working with the top TCM experts and institutes in China, Duxlink physicians provide variety services to your health needs, including western medicine, eastern medicine, and functional medicine. 

Our service includes:

  • Physician Consultation

This service is provided by experts in Integrative Medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. During the consultation, the physician assesses the patient's needs and develops a treatment plan. Recommendations may include use of dietary supplements and botanicals, mind-body procedures such as acupuncture and massage 

  • Botanicals

Carefully chosen.

  • Acupuncture

This service is provided by a physician trained in acupuncture or a licensed acupuncturist who works under the supervision of a physician. Techniques include acupuncture with manual and electrical stimulation 

  • Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is provided by a certified massage therapist. Techniques are chosen based on the therapist's ongoing assessment and the patient's goals.