Duxlink: Beyond Personalized Healthcare

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The incidence of cancer has been significantly increased over the last 2 decades due to stress, pollutions and other environmental factors as well as genetic dispositions. In China, recent study from University Columbia suggested that lung cancer will increase 80% by 2020.

Early detection using advanced gene, imaging and biochemical analysis by medical experts is the center of the focus and the key of success treatment. General annual physical exams do not include these targeted tests provided by oncology experts. Our dedicated teams will provide personalized tests and consultations to detect any early cancer if any.

In patients with diagnosis of cancer, our oncology experts can provide PERSONALIZED treatment plan by selecting specific medications based on your gene, cancer status and biochemical make-ups. You can also seek 2nd or even 3rd opinions with us to validate your local physicians' decision and treatment plans, since you may have only ONE chance to cure the cancer for your life.