Duxlink, the Pioneer of the GOT Medicine: Genomic-Office-Telemedicine, Care for your Past-Present-Future Health

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According to American Heart Association, sudden cardiac death (SCD) kills over 1,000 people each day. In athletes, SCD due to cardiac causes is over two-third (66%) of time. Over the last century, SCD in athletes is significantly under-diagnosed or miss-diagnosed due to lack of early use of new technology, close monitoring and immediate care at the time of the event.



The new Concept and the Program of GOT Med for SCD (Gene, Office and Telemedicine) pioneered by Duxlink VIP Healthcare is specially designated for athletes. The program uses the cutting edge technology in genomic, biochemistry, imaging and clinical evaluation for early and accurate diagnosis as the 1st time to cutoff SCD risk over 90%!

1. Genomic Mapping

The whole gene mapping provides analysis for each and every gene you have. With early diagnosis (as early as at birth), genetic problems can be accurately identified earlier before any devastating event in the future, and proper prevention and treatment can be placed for a piece of mind for you and your family. In addition, updates on new genes (current science only have diagnosis for ~2% of ~millions genes) will be continuously provided to you and your family.

2. Office-based Testing

Dr. Shen, the pioneer of the GOT-Medicine, has been a leading exerts in cardiac testing on cardiac anomaly and sudden cardiac death. He was one of the 10 expert panel elected by the joint force of American College of Cardiology and American College of Radiology to establish the procedure code for cardiac CT. He has been lecturing on the topic of detection and management of sudden cardiac death over the last 10 years nationally and internationally. The combinations of biomedical, imaging and clinical evaluation can significantly cut the chance of sudden cardiac death over 90%!

3. Tele-medicine Monitoring

In patients with risk factors of heart problems, or potential risks for SCD, live monitoring and treatment can be provided by our patented technology. The new technology bundles can provide both detection and treatment on-site anytime and anywhere.