Duxlink, the Pioneer of the GOT Medicine: Genomic-Office-Telemedicine, Care for your Past-Present-Future Health

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1. Challenges:

Chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease, and heart failure, are usually do not cause alarm symptoms until to the point where significant complications occur. Numerous studies have continuously demonstrating that early diagnosis, especially close monitoring, not only can reach the best treatment target, but also can decrease up to 85% of complications of stroke and heart attacks.

2. Solutions:

  • Stay at your peak by using World Net Care, with simple monitoring that allows for medications to be adjusted on a weekly or monthly basis without the need for expensive travel. With simple monitoring and timely dosage adjustments we can alleviate the risk of being over or under medicated or having a condition progress to an urgent level. 
  • This program works with you selected Board Certified Cardiologist to review your medical history and with the simple data that you supply to adjust your medications and monitor your health. This program does not tie you down and can be done anywhere in the world.
  • Using variety combinations of monitoring data from activity, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, weight, ECG on daily or weekly basis, along with simple blood bimonthly, we can monitor your health and adjust intervention without the need of travel. Feel great every day.
  • As a member of World Net Care you can speak to a Cardiologist via email or phone to address any concerns or questions you might have 7 days a week.